Big Data + Running Hadoop In The Cloud

Tuesday, Nov 19 at Microsoft in Mountain View - 6:30 pm

Speaker Bruno Terkaly of Microsoft  Learn more

  • Get a solid understanding of underpinnings and principles of Hadoop, perhaps the most sought after high-paying skill for a developer today.
  • See how to build your own single node cluster of Hadoop on the Linux virtual machine (CentOS) for free so you can start learning immediately.

SANLess Clustering - November 13

Wednesday, Nov 13 at Microsoft in San Francisco - 6:30 pm

You’ll learn:

  • SANless SQL Server performance and availability options for installations on the ground and in the cloud
  • How to accelerate SQL Server and achieve maximum uptime and data protection for mission critical workloads without costly and complex shared storage.
  • How you can make new, local, SSD and Flash-based PCIe storage highly available

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